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Alien Contact and Diplomacy: Get it Right or We Suffer    The Art of Office War The Bankers Who Sold the World Generous Enemies – Australia at War with China and Indonesia Love Data Paperback Love Data eBook The Return of the Last Space Explorer 10,000 BC – The First Geniuses

Simon says “Read”.

Who am I? : Simon Drake.
What am I? : A writer. In this order: Non-Fiction, Science Fiction & Fiction.
And… ? : I am here to entertain you.

If you enjoy reading, you are in the right place.

On this website you will find information about my books, see the menu on the right, and as a special treat I also post articles, some very punctual and relevant, and others, a bit strange and obscure. Life is short, make it fun. The internet is swamped in content, most of it plagiarised, ripped off or pimped, but here’s my guarantee:


My books are available as paperbacks and eBooks from many online bookshops.
At some stage in your life, it’s O-K to buy books and support writers.

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